How to Make Money from AliExpress – Two Different Methods

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There are two primary ways to learn how to make money from AliExpress. You can either create your own drop shipping store or you can become an AliExpress affiliate.

Both are lucrative ways to earn income online. However, they vary from each other in slightly different ways.

I’ll explain how you can have your own online store with either one of these methods quickly and easily using two different WordPress plugins.

How to Make Money from AliExpress Using a Dropship Store

make money from aliexpress is an online retailer made of small businesses primarly based out of China.

Dropshipping is probably the most popular way that online business owners make money from AliExpress.

This is because the prices at AliExpress are so low that you could mark up most products by ten and still provide a great deal to your customers.

One of the easiest ways to create your own dropship store is to use WordPress and install the AliDropship plugin.

The AliDropship plugin turns your WordPress installation into an eCommerce platform that deals directly with AliExpress.

You can import products quickly and easily into your store. The plugin has many features that will help you run your store to include:

  • Search and import products
  • Auto updates product information
  • Pricing automation
  • Fulfill orders automatically
  • ePacket shipping filter
  • Auto order tracking

You also get live statistics, several payment gateway options, inventory management, and more. The plugin also includes free eCommerce themes for your store.

Once your store is up and running, you can begin marketing it. Facebook Ads is a great targeted traffic resource as well as marketing on Instagram.

You can read marketing advice as well as tons of success stories on the AliDropship blog.

Become an AliExpress Affiliate and Create an Online Store

aliexpress affiliate

Becoming an AliDropship affiliate is another great option for earning income online.

An affiliate is different than a dropshipper in that when a customer clicks the order button on your store, they are redirected to the product page on AliExpress.

From there, AliExpress handles the rest of the transaction without any input from you.

A dropship store handles the entire transaction to include collecting the customer’s payment. The orders are then passed along to AliExpress which then ships the item to your customer.

To get a better idea of how affiliate marketing works, check out the flowchart image below:

affiliate marketing flowchart

The first thing to do to get started as an AliDropship affiliate is to register for the program by visiting AliExpress Portals.

Once you’ve become an affiliate, you can have your own affiliate eCommerce store by installing the AliPlugin plugin.

It also works on WordPress and will create an online store for you within minutes. Remember, the difference as an affiliate is that you will not handle the payments.

Orders are passed along to AliExpress where the payments are collected and orders are shipped.

Which is Better? Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing?

Both methods have their pros and cons. For example, you cannot change the commission rate as an AliExpress affiliate.

Therefore, if you’re promoting an item that costs $15 on AliExpress and your affiliate commission is 8% (standard), you would earn $1.20.

As a dropshipper, you could sell that same $15 item but mark it up by 3 times and earn a possible $30 profit.

That is a huge difference in terms of profit. That isn’t to say that you couldn’t earn quite a bit as an affiliate.

AliExpress pays some of their affiliates $20,000 a month or more in commissions.

If you are torn between opening a dropshipping store or an affiliate store with AliExpress, consider doing both.

It never hurts to have both a dropship store and affiliate store in your online business portfolio.

Having multiple streams of income is always ideal as if one source dries up, you have another one to rely on.

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