AliDropship VS AliDropship Woo – Which One to Use?

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Are you on the fence about choosing which version of the AliDropship plugin to use? You’ll be surprised to know that there isn’t a huge difference between these plugins.

However, it is important to know what the differences are so that you can choose the right version to meet your needs.

I will outline what the differences are between AliDropship vs AliDropship Woo. One thing to make note of is that no matter which version you buy, AliDropship gives you both plugins!

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The Difference Between AliDropship and AliDropship Woo

Let’s go over the key differences between these two plugins. First, let’s cover the standard AliDropship plugin.

The Standard AliDropship Plugin

If you are starting out with a new dropshipping store and do not have a preference for WooCommerce, then the standard AliDropship plugin may be your ideal option.

This standard version of the plugin will transform a new WordPress install into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

You will be able to customize your store, install an AliDropship store theme, and import products from AliExpress.

AliDropship Store Themes

One thing to keep in mind is that the standard plugin will only work with AliDropship’s store themes. They offer both free and premium themes.

The theme that I use and like the most on my store is the Andy Warhol theme. It is a premium theme that was created for high conversions.

The AliDropship Woo Theme

If you already have a WooCommerce store with products and also want to sell AliExpress products, the AliDropship Woo plugin can make that happen.

Another reason to use AliDropship Woo is if you are accustomed to using WooCommerce and prefer to open your store using the plugin.

One thing to make note of with AliDropship Woo is that you may need to install additional plugins in order to have certain features that the standard plugin provides.

However, you do get all of the necessary store features that you’ll need to manage your business.

AliDropship Woo Compatible Themes

This version of the plugin is compatible with any WooCommerce store theme. AliDropship also has themes that are compatible with AliDropship Woo as well. My favorite is Da Vinci 2.0 for Woo which is free to use.

Plugin Differences Table

FeaturesAliDropship PluginAliDropship Woo Plugin
Built-in themesYesYes
WOO themesNoYes
Import products from AliExpressYesYes
Import reviews from AliExpressYesYes
Pricing markup formulaYesYes
Product UpdatingYesYes
Order FulfillmentYesYes
WOO plugins supportNoYes
Tax settingsYesYes
Shipping settingsYesYes
Recommended number of productsUp to 10,000Up to 500

AliDropship Pricing

The AliDropship plugin is a one-time fee of $89. As mentioned earlier, you get both plugins with that price.

When you buy the plugin, you will be able to install it and begin building your store. It includes free lifelong software updates and customer support.

Custom Dropshipping Store Option

You can always choose to order a custom dropshipping store from AliDropship with either version of the plugin.

You will be assigned a personal manager who will handle all of your store’s details. Be sure to let this person know which version of the plugin you want for your store as well as which store theme.

The great thing about the custom store option is that it can save you a lot of time. If you are not tech-savvy you will not have to worry about any of the technical aspects of building your store.

You’ll Still Save On Monthly Software Fees

No matter which version of the plugin that you use, you’ll still save on monthly software fees. The AliDropship plugin has a one-time fee with no recurring fees to use it.

The WordPress CMS is free to use and so is the WooCommerce plugin. It truly is an economical way to open a dropshipping business.

This also means that you will retain 100% ownership of your store. You will not have to worry about another service closing your account at any time and for any reason.

My Closing Thoughts On AliDropship VS AliDropship Woo

I believe that choosing between these two plugins comes down to a matter of preference. WooCommerce users may want to stick with using the plugin and find the AliDropship Woo option the best choice.

The standard AliDropship plugin is great for brand new stores in which you have no preference one way or the other about which version that you use.

Keep in mind that you can import up to 10,000 products with the standard version of the plugin and up to 500 products with the WooCommerce version.

The reason is that the WooCommerce plugin already runs a number of queries and adding more than 500 products may cause your store to be sluggish.

Remember, you get both versions of the plugin when you order.

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