Sell Jewelry Online from Home Without Investing in Inventory

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Did you know that the jewelry market is a 70 Billion dollar industry? Online sales for the jewelry industry is booming.

You likely have a strong interest in opening your own online jewelry store because of this reason. The good news is that you do not need your own product line to get started.

You don’t even need to buy thousands of dollars worth of jewelry to begin selling. This is possible thanks to the dropshipping model.

I’ll explain how you can sell jewelry online from home with your own dropshipping store.

How The Dropshipping Model Works

If you are not familiar with the dropshipping model, you will be glad to learn about it now.

With this model, you do not have to buy any inventory up front, nor do you have to handle shipping products to your customers.

You charge what you want for the products in your store. When your customers buy products, you then order the items from your dropshipping suppliers.

The shipping address you provide will be your customer’s shipping address. Your dropshipping supplier then ships the products directly to your customers.

Your profit is the difference between the price your supplier charged you and what you charged your customers.

The graphic below displays how the dropship model works:

dropshipping infographic

There is never any inventory that you have to buy upfront which alleviates a lot of the risk of tying your money up in products that may or may not sell.

You also never have to deal with shipping and handling. That is a huge time saver in itself as you are not running back and forth to the post office, UPS, FedEx, etc.

Finding a Dropshipping Supplier

sell jewelry online from home

Dropshipping suppliers are tedious to find when searching on your own. Often times, finding reliable dropship suppliers is the biggest obstacle for would-be sellers.

You can use a reputable dropshipping directory such as Salehoo.

Another popular resource amongst dropshipping store owners is AliExpress. This online retailer is one of the largest in the world, rivaling both eBay and

AliExpress is made of merchants mostly based out of China. They offer a huge selection of products that also have very low pricing.

They offer free shipping on most items, they ship to over 200 countries worldwide, they offer a wide range of shipping methods, and they also have a buyer protection system with a full money back guarantee.

There is nothing you have to sign up for or any requirements necessary to begin dropshipping products.

Best of all, a majority of the merchants on AliExpress are used to working with dropshippers so most do not include any marketing brochures and such in their packaging.

However, you always have the option to get in touch with your suppliers to let them know that you are dropshipping and to not include any marketing material when shipping.

Concerns About Using AliExpress

One major concern about using AliExpress as a dropshipping supplier is the shipping time. Since the items are shipping from China, shipping times tend to be longer.

This often isn’t an issue for dropshipping store owners because many merchants offer ePacket. When shipping via ePacket, items have much shorter shipping times.

Another reason why shipping times won’t make a huge difference is that most items that you sell will likely be impulse buys.

These type of items aren’t a necessity so there tends to be less worry about when they will arrive.

It is still important to post shipping time information in visible locations on your store. You can post shipping info on your shipping page as well as mentioning it on your product pages.

The more your customer is informed about shipping times, the less feedback you will get in terms of customers contacting you about where their item is.

Selling Jewelry Using AliDropship

using alidropship

Now that you know what is possible, I bet you are ready to put it all together and get your own homebased jewelry business launched.

Online jewelry business opportunities are plentiful when using AliExpress. In order to get your own jewelry dropshipping store launched you’ll need the right software.

The software I use and recommend is the AliDropship Plugin. Why AliDropship? There are many reasons why I like this plugin.

First off, if you’re asking yourself what is a plugin? I’ll give you a brief description of what AliDropship is and how it works.

It is a WordPress plugin. WordPress is a free website platform. AliDropship transforms your WordPress website into a full-featured dropshipping store.

If you are familiar with using WordPress, installing AliDropship is easy. It is a matter of adding the new plugin.

Once it is installed, you can begin importing products directly from AliExpress. The plugin automates many important features that will help streamline your store.

It automates product updates, order fulfillment, and tracking information. Besides that, it has other awesome features such as:

  • Unlimied product importing
  • Unlimited order fulfillment
  • Pricing automation
  • Live statistics
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Inventory management
  • All-in-One dashboard
  • Cash-back system
  • Free updates and support

Don’t worry if you are not technically savvy. AliDropship also offers custom store creation and will build your custom store for you.

Once you have your store up, you can begin importing jewelry into your store from AliExpress.

You’ll also want to add a payment gateway. You can always start off by using PayPal. However, AliDropship supports many popular payment gateways such as

alidropship store
Image courtesy of

AliDropship includes free store themes that are mobile responsive. You’ll have everything you need right out of the box to create and open your own online jewelry business.

If you want to sell jewelry online from home, having an AliDropship store is the way to go. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, there are no ongoing monthly fees to use AliDropship.

You’ll also get continuous updates and the AliDropship team is always releasing new features and add-ons for your store.

Wrapping It All Up

As you can see, dropshipping is one of the lowest-cost online businesses that you can start.

Imagine having access to a variety of jewelry to sell in your online store without having to buy any inventory or deal with shipping and handling.

It is possible and people like you are finding success with dropshipping. I wish you much success with your online business!

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