How Do I Pick a Niche for My Dropshipping Store? – Three Methods You Can Use Today

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Choosing a niche for your dropship store is probably one of the most challenging tasks for many new dropshippers.

You can check trends and do market research, but really, you will never know what will take off. I’ve seen stores in niches that do extremely well when I’ve thought the opposite.

I attempt to answer the question, “how do I pick a niche for my dropshipping store?” with the tips below. Here are some ways to help generate some ideas and help you to pick a niche for your dropship store.

Check What Niche Websites are for Sale

A great way to find cool niches is to see what other sellers have created. One great resource for a lot of niche dropshipping websites is Shopify Exchange.

Not all of the websites listed for sale are dropshipping sites but you can still get some great ideas from all of them.

For example, below is a website I found on Shopify Exchange that sells items made out of wood. These items include things such as watches, sunglasses, cell phone cases, and more.

niche website

Other niches I noticed were:

  • Cotton clothing
  • Diffusers
  • Bracelets
  • Men’s facial hair products

You could create similar stores easily using the AliDropship plugin because a lot of the same products are on AliExpress.

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Solve People’s Problems

There are tons of things that people need help resolving. Think of topics that people would search for in need of a solution.

The problems people search for don’t always have to solve serious issues. One problem in our household is an overabundance of shoes.

As much as we try to keep them organized, they still pile up on each other. A good solution for this would be a shoe organizer.

AliExpress has a variety of shoe organizers for sale. Think of some problems you can resolve around your own home or listen to what people are talking about.

A lot of times you can get ideas from listening to people’s conversations.

Browse AliExpress and Find Products You Like

Browsing AliExpress is another cool way to find niches. There are tons of products there. Click on the different categories and start exploring.

Chances are you will find items that fit a certain theme. Another plus is that if you actually like the items that you are selling, you will be more enthusiastic about promoting them.

In Conclusion

Really, there are niches everywhere around you. You can browse your local magazine stand, bookstore, or library.

Pay attention to television commercials or even to the items that you buy yourself on a regular basis.

Browsing Google Trends is another way to generate ideas.

Whatever niche you choose, I’m sure you will have success so long as you take the time to learn how to promote your store using both free and paid methods.

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