How Drop Shipping Mugs Can Be a Lucrative Online Business

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Cat mugs, superhero mugs, animal mugs—you name it and there are people out there that buy and collect them.

Mugs are fun and they make a statement. Whether at home or in the workplace, there is always someone searching for the perfect mug to express themselves.

In this post, I’ll explain how you can get started quickly and easily with your own dropshipping store.

You’ll be drop shipping mugs and earning income before you know it!

Where to Begin – Choosing a Niche

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what kind of mugs you’ll want to sell. You could go broad and sell all types of mugs in various categories.

You can also niche down and choose a specific category of mug to sell. For example, people love cats.

A cat mug store would be awesome and cat lovers all over the world would certainly be interested in buying cat-themed mugs.

This is just one idea. You can sell all types of mugs or keep it simple and focus on one type of niche. It’s all up to you.

Here are some niche ideas to start brainstorming:

  • Cat mugs
  • Dog mugs
  • Nurse mugs
  • Superhero mugs
  • Anime mugs
  • Teacher mugs
  • Christmas mugs
  • Geeky mugs

Finding a Drop Shipping Mugs Supplier

Finding mug suppliers is easy when you use AliExpress as your dropshipping resource.

AliExpress is an online retailer made up primarily of small business in China.

They offer extremely low pricing which you can mark up several times and still provide a great value for your customers.

drop shipping mugs

Getting Your Own Drop Shipping Mugs Store

You’ve picked your niche, picked your supplier (which is AliExpress), and now it is time to get your very own drop shipping mugs store.

The easiest, most cost-efficient, and time-saving way to go about getting your own store that works directly with AliExpress is to buy a turnkey custom dropshipping store from AliDropship.

AliDropship is a service that specializes in dropship store creation.

They’ve created a WordPress plugin that will transform your website into a dropshipping store in which you can import products directly from AliExpress.

If you are already familiar with using WordPress, you can buy the AliDropship plugin and install your store yourself.

cat dropshipping store
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Otherwise, ordering a custom webstore is the way to go to have your store created to your specifications.

Marketing Your New Drop Shipping Mugs Store

web statistics

Once you have your new store it is time to begin promoting it. You can promote your store in a number of ways.

The most popular methods include Facebook advertising and Instagram shoutouts. Both of these options are paid marketing strategies.

The reason they work so well is that you can really hone in on your target audience. Let’s take our cat mugs example.

You could feature one of the mugs you are selling in your store. You then go to Facebook ads and select users that are cat enthusiasts.

The same goes for an Instagram shoutout. You would find Instagram accounts that focus on cats and that also has a ton of followers.

You find out if they are willing to do a shoutout and how much it would cost. They then expose your image and content to their targeted cat-loving audience.

That is all a very simplistic overview of how paid advertising works. You should do your due diligence and learn more about them before diving in.

Content Creation for Free Targeted Web Traffic

While paid advertising has its place in the overall promotion of your store, nothing beats free targeted web traffic.

The benefit of having your store built with AliDropship is that it is built using WordPress.

WordPress is also a blogging platform. Therefore, your store will have a blog already built in. You can create content based on keyword research to target potential customers.

Here are some great low-competition but highly-searched keywords I found using the Jaaxy keyword tool:

drop shipping mugs keywords

You can create content (or have it created by outsourcing the work) using these targeted keywords and place them on your blog.

Over time, the search engines will start ranking your articles higher up in the search results.

That exposes your posts to your target audience and when they click on the links, they will land on your blog post and have exposure to your store.

Of course, content creation is ongoing and requires consistent effort. However, it can pay off in a huge way in the long run.

Try out the Jaaxy keyword tool for yourself using the form below:


In Conclusion

I hope that this post has been helpful in how to go about researching, creating, and marketing your own drop shipping mugs online store.

Having a dropship store is an excellent way to create another stream of income.

Since there is no worry about buying inventory or handling shipping, you are free to do the important part of marketing your business.

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