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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could import the best selling products from AliExpress into your WordPress dropshipping store? Now you can by using a plugin that is specially designed to focus on inventory for your store.

This plugin is called DropshipMe. It enables anyone to import some of the best selling products from AliExpress into their dropshipping store.

I’ll explain what is required to use this plugin as well as share a video demonstration of how easy it is to use.

What the DropshipMe Plugin Does

DropshipMe is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that focuses on sourcing selected products from AliExpress to import into your store.

What makes this plugin special is that over 50,000+ products have been manually selected. The product titles, descriptions, and images have already been edited as well.

The products that are selected have a proven track record of sales, great ratings, and trustworthy suppliers.

What this means for you is:

  • No product research required
  • Save time having to edit products
  • Increased conversions
  • Improve customer shopping experience
  • Decrease in supplier disputes

How DropshipMe Works

In order for the plugin to work, you will need to have WordPress installed as well as one of two plugins: either the AliDropship plugin or the WooCommerce plugin.

Both AliDropship and WooCommerce transform your WordPress website into an eCommerce platform. The difference between the two is that AliDropship turns your website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

WooCommerce turns your WordPress website into an eCommerce store in which you can sell whatever you want. It is not a dropshipping store by default the way AliDropship is.

Using DropshipMe with AliDropship

I use the AliDropship plugin for my store. Using DropshipMe makes it extremely easy to find the best selling products within my niche.

Basically, DropshipMe handles the inventory part while AliDropship handles my store’s automation.

Using DropshipMe with WooCommerce

This tends to be a great option for anyone that is seeking to create a dropshipping store on a budget. This is because everything that you need to get started is free.

WordPress is free and so are the WooCommerce and DropshipMe plugins. You will incur other expenses such as web hosting and payment gateway fees.

Otherwise, you can build your own store for free which is nice.

The Time That You Save Using Dropship.Me

Before you dismiss this plugin, I want to share with you the types of things you would need to do to build your dropshipping store.

It’s not that these things are an issue, more than anything they are simply time-consuming.

Editing Product Titles and Descriptions

  • It takes a significant amount of time to edit product titles and their descriptions. This is especially true if you are selling products that having size variations such as clothing or jewelry. Take a look at the screen capture below of a ring I imported into my store. The DropshipMe plugin already had the description which included a sizing table!
sizing table

Editing Images

  • Some product images you may want to edit before importing into your store. You may want to remove a company logo or other text that are sometimes on product images. Again, time-consuming. However, DropshipMe already has the images edited for you.

Bonus – User Reviews

  • A bonus about this plugin is that it includes real user reviews of the products which are pulled from the AliExpress website. You can import these reviews which gives your product pages an even more professional look and feel.

When all is said and done, the DropshipMe plugin can save you hours of time building your store. The only thing faster would be to order a custom dropshipping store and have all of the work done for you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About DropshipMe

Before you get started with this plugin, you may have some other questions. I will address some of the most common below:

Can You Use DropshipMe On More Than One Website?

  • Each time DropshipMe is downloaded, it includes its own API key. If you want to use it on multiple stores, you will need to download a copy for each store in order to get a new API key for each.

What is Required to Use This Plugin?

  • As mentioned above, you will need to have a WordPress website as well as one of two plugins installed which are the AliDropship plugin or WooCommerce plugin. DropshipMe does not work on WordPress Multisite Network or on localhosts. It also needs to be activated on the main domain (it does not work on subdomains or sub-folders.)

What if I Need More Than 50 Products?

  • The free version of the DropshipMe plugin includes 50 product imports. If you want more products you can upgrade the plugin for a one-time fee. There are three packages to choose from starting at $29.

Does This Plugin Include Support?

  • Yes, you can contact customer support at any time via email or contact form on the Dropship.Me website.

Video Demonstration of Using DropshipMe

Here is a video I created demonstrating how to use the plugin:

Wrapping Up

The DropshipMe plugin is a HUGE time saver and works for people with established stores as well as for those just starting out.

Whether you choose to operate your store using AliDropship or WooCommerce is about your own preferences. DropshipMe will work well with both plugins.

I highly recommend using this plugin as it will make finding the best selling products on AliExpress so much easier.

You won’t have to edit product title, descriptions, or images. That alone will save hours of your time and get your store up and running quickly.

The plugin is free to download so definitely check it out below:

Click here to download DropshipMe

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