Why Use AliDropship Instead of Shopify for Dropshipping with AliExpress?

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Although Shopify is an awesome shopping cart platform for anyone to create an online business of their own, I was hesitant about using the service for my dropshipping store because of the ongoing monthly fees.

At the time, I simply didn’t have the budget to pay the monthly store fee plus any additional app fees (some apps have monthly fees such as Oberlo).

Fortunately, I discovered the AliDropship Plugin that does everything that Shopify and Oberlo do together. The best part is that I only had to pay a one-time fee.

You Can Save Money Using AliDropship and WordPress

save money with alidropship

The AliDropship plugin works exclusively with WordPress. WordPress is open-source software that you can use to create websites, blogs, and apps.

That means WordPress is free to use. In order to create your own dropshipping store with AliExpress, you would only need to pay for the AliDropship plugin.

There are no monthly fees so any extra money that you save can be put towards your advertising budget.

Also, keep in mind that Shopify not only charges a monthly usage fee, but some of the apps you may want to use to streamline your store may also have monthly fees.

Oberlo, for example, is the app you would need to make importing AliExpress products into your Shopify store much faster.

The first 50 orders a month are free. Anything after the 50 orders has a monthly fee starting at $29.90 a month.

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AliDropship Has All of the Features You Need to Run Your Dropship Store

Why pay monthly fees for another service when the AliDropship plugin has all of the features you need to maintain and manage your store?

Here is what the plugin can do:


  • Search and import products
  • Auto updates product information
  • Pricing automation
  • Fulfill orders automatically
  • ePacket shipping filter
  • Auto order tracking


  • Built-in themes
  • Product customization
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Product variations
  • WooCommerce support


  • Discount coupons
  • Product reviews
  • SEO product tags
  • Abandoned cart
  • Email lists


  • Live statistics
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Inventory management
  • All-in-One dashboard
  • Cash-back system
  • Free updates and support

You Have 100% Ownership of Your Dropship Store

One of the most important elements of using AliDropship and WordPress is that you will have 100% ownership of your store.

Imagine if you wanted to move your store to another web host provider or even sell it in the future. It would be difficult if your store is hosted on a third-party platform such as Shopify.

Although you can sell a Shopify store, the future owner would need to agree to pay the monthly fees associated with your store.

If you wanted to move your store, you wouldn’t be able to take the software or the themes with you. The only thing Shopify provides when closing your store is a spreadsheet export of your products.

Having complete ownership of your store is something to really consider. As a business owner, you probably don’t want to leave your business in the hands of a third-party.

My Experience Using AliDropship

alidropship experience

I have recently ordered the AliDropship plugin myself and couldn’t be happier using it. My online store is currently under construction.

However, I will reveal it shortly in order to share my own experience with using the plugin. So far, it has been a breeze.

The only issue that I had was with my hosting provider. This is because in order to use the plugin, your hosting provider must also have the ionCube loader installed.

ionCube is a PHP encoder that encrypts and licenses PHP scripts. It is very easy to install if you want to follow directions and do it yourself.

You can also request your hosting provider install if for you. They can do it in a matter of minutes. To keep things simple, you can order low-cost web hosting directly from AliDropship.

They configure their hosting to work with the plugin already. It is really inexpensive starting at $48 a year. It can save the headache of installing ionCube if your current web host doesn’t have it installed.

How to Import Products from AliExpress Using AliDropship

There are two ways in which you can import products into your store. You can import them from your WordPress admin area or directly from AliExpress.

I have been importing directly from AliExpress. In order to do this, you will need to use the Chrome browser. AliDropship will link you to a Chrome extension you will need to install.

Then you can search for products right on AliExpress and pick as many as you want to import at one time or one at a time.

Here is a video demonstrating what that looks like:

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