A Solution for a Non-Existent Oberlo WordPress Plugin

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Oberlo and Shopify work well together for anyone seeking to open a dropshipping store. However, they do have their downsides.

Which is why some people prefer to use WordPress for dropshipping instead. The problem is that a Oberlo WordPress plugin doesn’t exist.

Shopify bought out Oberlo and the app works exclusively on their platform. Do not despair as there is an alternative solution that you may like even better.

Why This WordPress Dropshipping Plugin is an Ideal Solution

oberlo wordpress plugin

The dropshipping plugin I am referring to is AliDropship. It is an ideal alternative for anyone seeking to use WordPress for their dropshipping store.

It works very similarly to Oberlo with some really awesome automated features. When it is installed it transforms your WordPress website into a fully functioning dropshipping store.

You can then import products directly from the AliExpress website.

Some of the plugin’s automated features include:

  • Auto pricing updates
  • Auto inventory updates
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Auto order tracking

There are a ton of other dropshipping store features that make operating your store almost hands-free.

Importing products is extremely easy. Even if you do not have any previous experience with using WordPress, you will become accustomed to using it fairly quickly.

Everything is controlled from your WordPress admin area. You can import products from the admin area as pictured below:

product imports

or you can import products from AliExpress using the AliDropship Chrome browser extension like so:

importing products

Personally, I like importing using the browser extension because I like using the built-in image editor. You can edit product images before importing them into your store.

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Two Distinct Advantages of AliDropship vs Oberlo

working online

There are two advantages to AliDropship that Oberlo and Shopify do not have. These two advantages are why I wanted a WordPress option for dropshipping.

The first advantage is having 100% store ownership. When you use a third-party eCommerce platform, you are bound by the terms of use for their software.

You do not have full ownership of your store with these services. Essentially, you are leasing to use their software and abide by their rules.

That means that services like Shopify can close your store for any reason without notice. This isn’t the case with AliDropship.

Since it is a WordPress plugin and WordPress is free, you always retain 100% ownership of your store. This is important as a business owner.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of any service holding my business hostage because I am using their software.

The second advantage of using AliDropship is not having any ongoing monthly fees.

I don’t have any issue with paying monthly fees for services. I have recurring monthly fees for all types of software.

However, when I decided to search for a WordPress dropshipping option, I knew I’d save some money since WordPress is free to use.

After learning about AliDropship and its one-time fee, I knew it was the solution I was looking for.

It’s definitely an advantage since the money that you save from having no monthly fees can be put towards a marketing budget.

Is AliDropship Easy to Use?

You do not need any previous experience to have an AliDropship store. WordPress itself is very user-friendly and the AliDropship plugin is also just as easy to use.

Everything that you want to modify in your store can be handled within the admin area.

wordpress admin area

You can update and edit products, your store’s colors and images, import products, and more, right from the admin area.

This video tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to process orders:

Things to Be Aware of

Installing and using the plugin is easy. The only issue I ran into had more to do with my web hosting provider than the plugin itself.

The web hosting server requirements are basic:

  • Open incoming connection
  • Hosting 32bit (64bit recommended)
  • PHP 5.6 or higher
  • ionCube activated on your hosting (or Zend Guard Loader)
  • File size upload limit: min. 10MB

Most hosting providers will have these requirements already. However, my hosting provider did not have the ionCube loader installed.

I could have asked them to install it but I found directions to do it myself. Since I felt comfortable doing it myself, it was an easy process.

You may not want to deal with hosting requirements or care to figure out if ionCube loader is installed. If that is the case, I recommend using AliDropship’s hosting service.

Their hosting is perfectly configured for the plugin and for hosting WordPress websites.

Another thing to keep in mind is that AliDropship only sources products from AliExpress. This isn’t an issue for most dropshippers as they prefer to source from AliExpress.

Besides that, using the plugin is awesome. It is no wonder that there are so many dropshipping success stories.

I hope this post has opened you up to another dropshipping alternative to Oberlo. In any case, I wish you much success in your online business!

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