How to Start a Dropship Clothing Store Using WordPress

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Several years ago, I used to sell new and used clothing on eBay. It was fun in the beginning but it was difficult to scale.

The reason being that our inventory varied so much. Much of our success was in selling men’s golf clothing. However, even that became difficult.

Our inventory began piling up and it was taking forever to sell the items. Dropshipping would have been the ideal solution for several reasons.

I’ll explain how to start a dropship clothing store of your own using WordPress and one amazing dropshipping plugin. Read below for details.

How to Start a Dropship Clothing Store Using AliExpress as Your Supplier

how to start a dropship clothing store

AliExpress is one of the top dropshipping suppliers being used by dropshippers all over the globe.

It is one of the largest online retailers in the world and is made up of over 200,000 merchants primarily based in China.

What makes AliExpress so popular for dropshippers is that there are no registration fees or other requirements to begin dropshipping.

The fact that they are based out of China is not an issue either. Many people wonder if shipping times will cause problems.

Many AliExpress merchants offer ePacket shipping. ePacket is a faster shipping method for smaller lightweight products.

Many clothing items have free shipping and ePacket shipping. Here are some other awesome reasons to use AliExpress:

  • 200,000 exporters
  • Over 100 million items
  • No entry or participation fees
  • No limits on your profit margins
  • No limits on the amount of products you sell
  • Works with individuals and registered companies
  • Free shipping on most items
  • Ships to over 200 countries worldwide
  • Online shipping tracking
  • Wide range of shipping methods
  • Buyer protection system with full money back guarantee

How Dropshipping Works

The dropship model is really quite simple. There are many advantages to dropshipping, the biggest being not having to buy inventory up front.

Most businesses that sell physical goods must buy their inventory up front and then store that inventory in a storage facility or someplace inside their home.

This isn’t the case with dropshipping. You do not order products from your supplier until customers order them from your store.

When a customer orders an item from your store, you then order that item from your dropshipping supplier.

You also pass along your customer’s shipping details. The dropshipping supplier then ships the item directly to your customer for you.

Your profit is the difference in price between what you charged your customer and what your dropshipping supplier charged you.

Here is a flowchart of how it works:

dropshipping model

What Types of Clothing Should You Sell?

men's clothing

There are all types of clothing being sold on AliExpress. Dropshipping stores do really well when targeting a specific niche.

It is a good idea to explore various niches before making your choice. Here are some niches that I’ve come up with off the top of my head:

  • Retro clothing (80’s and 90’s)
  • Funny T-shirts
  • Funny socks
  • Fitness clothing

Think about a specific group that you want to target. For example, pets are super popular. You could sell clothing that featured nothing but pugs.

AliExpress has about every item that you can think of so be sure to explore their website to help you generate more ideas.

How to Get Your Own Dropship Clothing Store Today

dropshipping store

Now let’s dive into how to get your very own dropshipping store so that you can begin selling the clothing of your choice.

We are going to build our store using WordPress. Why WordPress instead of another eCommerce platform?

There are two main reasons why I prefer to use WordPress. Reason number one is cost. WordPress is free to download and install.

Other third-party eCommerce platforms have recurring monthly fees. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

What I like about not having monthly fees is that I can put that money towards other efforts such as advertising.

The second reason is retaining complete ownership of my store. When you use third-party services you must also abide by their terms of use.

You may not likely go against any terms of use but there have been instances where people have had their dropshipping stores closed down without warning.

Imagine earning income from your store and having it shut down for whatever reason. This is the kind of power you give to a third-party service.

That isn’t the case with WordPress. You retain 100% ownership of your store from the start.

What if I Don’t Know How to Install WordPress?

There is no need to fear the technical details surrounding the installation of WordPress. Almost every hosting provider has one-click installation available.

SiteGround is one such web hosting provider that I also use and trust that offers one-click install:

wordpress one-click install

It works by clicking on the icon and filling in a few form fields. In a matter of minutes, WordPress is installed for you.

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Turn Your WordPress Website Into an AliExpress Dropship Business

dropship store owner

Here is where I like to refer to this process as, “where the magic happens”. The dropshipping plugin that I am referring to is AliDropship.

The AliDropship plugin transforms your WordPress website into a fully functioning AliExpress dropshipping store.

It enables you to import an unlimited number of products from AliExpress. It also automates a number of store functions to include automated order processing and shipment tracking.

Even better, if you do not want to deal with creating your store yourself, AliDropship also offers custom dropshipping store creation.

What is great about their custom store service is that you are assigned a personal manager that guides you through the entire process.

Other features of an AliDropship custom store include:

  • Niche research – They select a trendy, high-demand niche for you after analyzing it for stable long-term positions and a great potential in future.
  • Domain name(.com) – Search engine-friendly domain name relevant to your business
  • Custom design – You get a unique design including a custom logo, header images, icons, favicon, banners, etc.
  • Mobile devices ready – A perfect responsive design fitting the screen size of any device, whether desktop or mobile.
  • Google Analytics integration – GA stats integrated – to keep you informed about the website’s traffic, its sources, visitors’ behavior, conversions, etc.
  • Up to 12% AliExpress cashback – Get up to 12% cashback for your every purchase on AliExpress.
  • WP dropship plugin – The plugin allows searching, importing and updating products on your site directly from AliExpress quickly and easily.
  • Payment gateways – AliDropship Plugin supports the most popular payment processors like PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, PayU.
  • Delivery time – You’ll have a full-fledge dropshipping business: 5 to 15 days depending on your package.
  • On-site SEO – Increase visibility within the organic search results and to deliver targeted traffic to your site.
  • Social pages – Accounts of your business on the top social networks and integrate social buttons and widgets on your website.
  • Promo video (Ultimate Package) – Video will help you to promote your webstore and tell your customers about all the advantages of your products and services.
  • Social media promo tool (Ultimate Package) – A special plugin will automatically post your products and promote your business on 4 top social networks.

In Conclusion

I hope this post has shown you how easy it is to obtain your own dropshipping store. With hard work and consistent effort, you can begin earning profits with your own store.

Clothing is always an awesome business to be in. It is definitely an evergreen niche and when you target a good niche, you can have an endless supply of customers.

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