Dropshipping Using WordPress and AliExpress – What are My Options?

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There are different eCommerce platforms to choose from when it comes to creating your own dropshipping store.

However, many people prefer to run their businesses using WordPress. I am definitely one of those people.

Although I did create a dropshipping store using Shopify, I still preferred using WordPress. I came across a great option for dropshipping using WordPress. I’ll share it below.

Why Use AliExpress as Your Dropshipping Resource?

AliExpress is an online retail service that is made up primarily of small businesses in China.

Their prices are so low that you could mark them up ten times and still provide a great deal for your customers.

This is why using AliExpress is so popular among dropship store owners.

The Issue with Shopify and Oberlo for Importing AliExpress Products

Many new dropshippers often start off using Shopify for their dropshipping store. It is easy to understand as it is a popular platform and it’s user-friendly.

When you combine it with the Oberlo app, you can easily import products from AliExpress into your Shopify store.

While Shopify and Oberlo are great for selling products from AliExpress, there are a couple of things to consider.

1. Monthly Fees

If you are on a budget, using Shopify and Oberlo may eat a bit into your budget. This is because the monthly fee for the basic Shopify plan is $29.

The basic fee for Oberlo is $29.90. That means your expenses are already $60 a month. You must also consider other apps that may be needed to streamline your store.

Many apps have monthly fees or at least one-time fees. In some cases, you could end up having monthly expenses close to $100 or more to run your Shopify store.

2. Store Ownership

Another issue is store ownership. If you ever want to move your store (some people like to switch web hosts or other reasons) you cannot do so.

This is because the software belongs to Shopify and you cannot take it with you. That means you do not have 100% ownership of your store.

If you cannot pay your monthly fees, your store will be closed. You can’t download a copy of your store and move it elsewhere.

The only thing that is provided is a spreadsheet of the products in your store. This is something important to consider as a business owner.

An Awesome AliExpress Dropshipping WordPress Plugin

Fortunately during my free Shopify trial, I came across a WordPress dropship plugin that works with AliExpress.

It is called AliDropship. It creates a dropshipping store for you on WordPress.

It works amazingly well. If you are already familiar with using WordPress, you will not have any issue with installing it as it is a plugin.

Once installed, you will have everything you need to begin importing products into your store. It even includes free dropshipping WordPress themes.

dropshipping using wordpress
The AliDropship dashboard.

Here is a list of AliDropships features:


  • Search and import products
  • Auto updates product information
  • Pricing automation
  • Fulfill orders automatically
  • ePacket shipping filter
  • Auto order tracking


  • Built-in themes
  • Product customization
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Product variations
  • WooCommerce support


  • Discount coupons
  • Product reviews
  • SEO product tags
  • Abandoned cart
  • Email lists


  • Live statistics
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Inventory management
  • All-in-One dashboard
  • Cash-back system
  • Free updates and support

What if You are Not Familiar with Using WordPress?

You do not need any technical experience to begin dropshipping using WordPress. AliDropship has an option to create a custom webstore for you.

They offer three different custom webstore packages starting at $299. They will handle your niche research, domain registration, product imports, and so much more.

It is the perfect solution for anyone that wants a dropshipping store using WordPress but does not have the technical knowledge to do it themselves.

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Two Important Benefits of AliDropship

While AliDropship has many great features for creating a dropshipping store, there are two important ones that stand out for me.

1. No Monthly Fees

The AliDropship plugin is only a one-time fee. That means you can use that monthly savings to put towards your marketing budget if you’re using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

Even if you choose to have a custom webstore created, you will still only pay a one-time fee.

2. 100% Store Ownership

Since AliDropship is a WordPress plugin, you will always retain 100% ownership of your store. That is because downloading and installing WordPress is free.

Therefore, if you ever need to move your store to another web host or you want to take your store down for whatever reason, you can do so by exporting your database and downloading your WordPress files.

In Conclusion

If you are seeking to use WordPress for your dropshipping store, then AliDropship is an ideal solution.

It will create your dropship store in minutes. Be sure to check out the AliDropship blog and read many of the new seller success stories for inspiration.

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