AliDropship Dropshipping Stores for Sale – 5 Benefits of Owning One

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Dropshipping is an online business model that works well for many people. People from all over the globe are experiencing success with this online business model.

Thanks to its low start-up costs, almost anyone can have their own online business earning a consistent income.

An AliDropship custom dropshipping store can get you started off on the right foot. I’ll explain how they save time as well as how to order one at the best price.

1. Save Yourself Time

dropshipping stores for sale

The AliDropship plugin itself definitely helps anyone to build their own dropshipping store as quickly as possible.

However, it does take time to customize your store and import products. Some people do not want to deal with all of the parts of building a niche website such as:

  • Choosing a niche
  • Importing products
  • Customization (logos, banner graphics, colors, etc.)
  • On-site SEO

Those things can be time-consuming and most of us want our store up as quickly as possible so that we can begin promotion and make sales quickly as well.

Even those who are well-versed in setting up dropshipping stores using AliDropship may want to speed up the process of creating their next store by ordering a custom dropshipping store.

Sometimes it is important to understand where your time is better well spent.

When you consider all of the tasks that the AliDropship team takes on when creating your store, you realize how much time and work you can save.

They handle tasks such as:

Niche research and selection
This is a huge time saver if you are feeling stuck on what types of products to sell. They will research and select a popular niche that also has longevity.

Domain name registration
They will even choose a domain that fits your niche and register it for you.

Custom design
No worries about logos and other supporting graphics here. If graphic design is not your strong point, you’re in good hands with AliDropship. They handle your store’s customization for you.

These are only a few of the tasks that are taken care of for you when you order a custom dropshipping store.

2. Personal Manager

project manager

When you order a custom store, you are also assigned a personal manager who serves as your project manager.

They will guide you through the entire process and ask you various questions about how you want your store to be created.

You always have the option to contact your personal manager to make suggestions, ask questions, or find out the status of your store’s progress at anytime.

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3. On-Site SEO

inbound marketing

Generating traffic to your dropshipping store is one of the most important things you will do. Without visitors to your site, you will not make sales.

A majority of dropship store owners promote their stores using paid advertising such as Facebook and Instagram ads.

However, SEO is also a key factor in helping your store receive targeted web traffic. Best of all, traffic that comes from organic web search is free.

The AliDropship team has years of experience with search engine optimization from optimizing their own stores.

They will handle the task of on-site SEO which includes metadata, Google indexing, and social bookmarking. The Ultimate plan also includes a homepage SEO article.

4. Social Media Pages Created

social media pages

Social media plays a huge role in the success of any dropshipping store. Having a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Instagram page is a necessity.

They are free methods for promoting your store. Your social media pages have more of an impact when they are customized to match the look and feel of your store.

These page creations are included with custom dropshipping store orders. Each package offers one or more social media page creation.

For example, the Ultimate plan includes the major social media channels to include YouTube.

5. One-Time Payment

man thumbs up

Not having to worry about paying recurring monthly fees to use AliDropship is one of the biggest benefits of their software.

The same goes for ordering a custom store. You only pay one-time and your store (and the plugin) is yours forever.

The money you save on monthly fees can be put towards your marketing efforts. AliDropship is cost-effective for new and experienced dropshipping store owners alike.

Other Perks of AliDropship Dropshipping Stores for Sale

Retain Complete Ownership of Your Store

Another perk that I want to point out is actually one that you should strongly consider as a business owner.

That perk is store ownership. What do I mean by store ownership? Let’s say you choose to use another service to build your dropshipping store.

Most other eCommerce services charge monthly fees and you are basically paying to lease their software.

That means that you also agree to their terms of use. This gives those services the authority to close down your store at any time for any reason.

In essence, you do not retain 100% ownership of your store. That is not the place you want to be in when it comes to running your business.

AliDropship is different in that sense. The reason being is because it is a WordPress plugin. WordPress is a free website platform. You can download it, install it, and it your website is 100% yours.

AliDropship has a one-time fee and the plugin is 100% yours as well. That means that you retain complete ownership of your website from the start.

This is something you want to keep in mind if you are shopping around for other dropshipping store services.

Free Updates and Support

Whether you order the plugin and build your store yourself or if you order a custom store, you won’t be left hanging.

As the owner of the plugin, you get free updates and support. The AliDropship team is constantly working on improving their product.

You can expect to see new features and add-ons as time goes by. The plugin is already an amazing piece of software.

I can’t even imagine the features that are yet to come. I wish you much success in your online business!

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