Can an AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Store Make Money?

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AliDropship is absolutely one of the most innovative companies when it comes to creating dropshipping products. Their latest product, the AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Store, is gaining a lot of popularity.

An AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Store is a ready-made dropshipping business that is already profitable. Anyone can replicate one of these stores to include the same marketing campaigns and begin making profits right away.

In this post, I will go into more detail about how the Premium store service works and what you should be aware of when ordering one.

How an AliDropship Premium Store Works

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What makes an AliDropship Premium Store stand out from typical dropshipping stores is that these stores are actual live stores that you can buy a copy of.

If you are not familiar with AliDropship, they are a software company that creates software solutions and services for dropshippers. The co-founders started off as dropshipping store owners themselves.

Their flagship product, the AliDropship Plugin, is a WordPress plugin that turns a WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

The plugin is what runs all of the stores that AliDropship sells and anyone can buy the plugin and build their dropshipping business themselves.

A Typical Dropshipping Store Setup

When building a dropshipping store on your own using software, you can expect it to be a time-consuming process.

Although the software can make it easy and convenient, there are still specific tasks that you must manually complete. These tasks can include:

  • Store customization (logo, banners, etc.)
  • Product and supplier research
  • Importing products
  • Editing product titles, descriptions, and images

These tasks can take time up front and if you feel technically challenged, it may take even longer.

Once your store is finally up, then you are tasked with figuring out how to promote your store and make sales. This is often the most challenging part for beginners.

Most dropshipping store owners make consistent sales because they use paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

This is what makes an AliDropship Premium dropshipping store an awesome opportunity.

These stores are already earning tens of thousands of dollars and by buying a copy (plus the marketing package add-on), you save time and can turn a profit right away.

What is Included

As of this writing, there are currently five different niches that you can choose from under the Premium store service. These niches include:

  • Classic store (general store) – $40,000 per month in profit
  • Gaming store – $22,000 per month in profit
  • Women’s fashion & accessories – $13,000 per month in profit
  • Men’s essentials – $10,000 per month in profit
  • Home improvement tools – $6,000 per month in profit
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No matter which niche that you choose, your price will be $300. When you order a store, the files are delivered immediately to include instructions for setting everything up.

Each store offers two separate and optional add-ons. The first is the Installation add-on. The purpose of this add-on is to alleviate having to install and set-up your store yourself.

They will register your domain name (pre-paid for one year) as well as provide web hosting also pre-paid for one year. The AliDropship team will create your store logo and assist you with setting up your store’s payment gateway.

The second add-on package is the Marketing add-on. This one I highly recommend if you are wanting to run the same marketing campaigns which were used on the store you are buying.

The Marketing add-on provides you with the exact same banners, videos, ad text, and target audiences used on Facebook and Instagram, as well as instructions on how to set up your campaigns.

95% of success in dropshipping business comes from running a high-converting, professionally-designed website

What Each Store Includes

  • An exact copy of one of our highly-profitable stores
  • Cutting-edge store design that guarantees a crazy conversion rate
  • A mobile-, page speed-, and SEO-optimized website
  • A ready-to-sell selection of high-demand AliExpress items 
  • Product pages with quality photos, compelling descriptions, and glowing 5-star customer reviews
  • Products imported from the most trusted AliExpress suppliers
  • The AliDropship plugin that automates all business processes

AliDropship also includes lifelong customer support!

What is NOT Included

  • Store name – you can use ours or replace it with your own
  • Custom store logo – you can use a template logo included in the purchase or get a custom one with our Marketing package (if you add it to your order)
  • Hosting and domain – you can use your own or get both with our Installation package (if you add it to your order)
  • Social accounts – you need to create your own ones

The Benefit of Replicating an Already Profitable Store

The major benefit of replicating one of these Premium stores is that you can start making profits quickly.

There is no time spent on product research or store customization/optimization because they’ve already grew these stores to profitability.

The products sold in the store have already been tested and proven to sell well. You get the same store theme, products, and of course the AliDropship plugin for easy store management.

What you should strongly consider is the Marketing add-on package. This is what ties everything together in terms of making profits.

By also replicating their ad campaigns, you can speed up the learning curve of having to learn how to find winning ad campaigns using Facebook and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

So by this point, you likely have some questions about these Premium dropshipping stores. AliDropship has an excellent FAQ section at the bottom of each store page.

However, I’ll cover some of the most pressing questions (I think!) that you may have.

1. How Can These Stores Make Money if So Many People Buy a Copy?

This is probably one of the most common questions but also it has a simple answer. Consider that many dropshippers make stores in which they are all in similar (if not the same) niche.

AliDropship Premium Stores are designed to cater to broad niches with potential target audiences of tens of millions of people. Therefore, each copy of a store they sell can target and reach a different demographic.

2. Are There Any Ongoing or Monthly Fees?

No. You only pay once and your store is 100% owned by you. You can do whatever you want with it, including selling it in the future if you wanted to.

3. How Much Should Be Spent On Advertising To Reach the Same Results?

The return on ad spend of AliDropship’s successful ad campaigns using the same promo materials they offer in the Marketing Package – comes to 2.

It means that every $100 you spend on ads will bring you around $200 in sales. $20 out of this amount you will spend on re-ordering AliExpress products from suppliers, so your profit from every $100 invested will come to $180. This is an 80% net ROI (return on investment).

My Closing thoughts On an AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Store

Overall, I feel that an AliDropship Premium Store is excellent for beginners. The time that it normally takes to build a dropshipping store AND make profits with one is significantly reduced.

The AliDropship team makes it extremely easy with their Installation and Marketing package add-ons. With consistent effort, there is no reason why you cannot achieve success.

Keep in mind that you will need a marketing budget to run paid ads. If you do not have a budget to run paid ads, it may take longer to make consistent sales.

You can learn more about AliDropship Premium Stores by clicking here.

Tired of not making sales? Replicate one of these successful stores and start getting profits right away! Click Here to Choose Your Store


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