A WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin that Works with AliExpress

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WooCommerce is an awesome eCommerce platform for anyone who wants to open their own online business.

However, if you want to dropship from your WooCommerce store using AliExpress, you will need a good plugin that will do the job.

Thankfully, there is such a plugin. In this post, I will share with you a WooCommerce dropshipping plugin that you can use specifically with AliExpress.

A WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin for Use with AliExpress

The plugin that I am referring to is called AliDropship WOO.

It is the WooCommerce compatible version of the original AliDropship Plugin.

You get all of the features of the original plugin (minus some marketing tools) that allows you to import products directly from AliExpress.

Here are the features that are included:

  • WOO themes support
  • Direct import from AliExpress
  • Orders Auto-Filling
  • Products Auto-Updating
  • Import Reviews
  • Pricing Mark-up formula
  • WOO plugins support

What is NOT included are marketing tools that help to increase conversions in your store:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Email list
  • Cross-sell
  • Discounts

The good news is that if you want to use AliDropship WOO regardless of the lack of marketing tools, you can find similar marketing tools made for WooCommerce.

Why Not Use WooDropship Instead?

Maybe you have or haven’t heard of another service called WooDropship.

It works similarly to AliDropship WOO in that it lets you add products from AliExpress to your WooCommerce dropshipping store and ship directly to your customers.

The big difference between WooDropship and AliDropship WOO is that there is a monthly fee associated with WooDropship.

There are three price levels: $14/month, $29/month, and $49/month.

As you go up in price, the more products you are able to import as well as more orders are able to be fulfilled.

That is an extra expense that can be of concern if you are already on a budget. The AliDropship WOO plugin is a one-time fee.

Therefore, the money you save on a monthly basis could be put towards your marketing budget. That is a huge savings when you are trying to grow your store.

How Much is AliDropship WOO?

The price of AliDropship WOO is a one-time fee of $89. When you buy the plugin, you are buying the original AliDropship, plus the AliDropship WOO version.

They are included together in the same price. What makes this awesome is that if you decide to create a completely separate store instead of using the WooCommerce version, you have that option.

Why Use a WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin?

There are two main reasons why someone would use AliDropship WOO. One reason is that you may already have a WooCommerce store up and running and want to add AliExpress products to it.

Another reason is that you are a WooCommerce user and prefer using that platform to other eCommerce platforms.

If you fall into either of these categories, AliDropship WOO will more than likely fit your needs.

I own the AliDropship plugin and although I do not use the WooCommerce version of it, the plugin overall is amazing.

My store was up in a matter of minutes and adding products was fast and easy. A lot of the work is already done for you to include content for pages such as shipping, returns, about, tracking, and contact.

All that you have to do is add your products, images, and tweak some of the content to suit your store.

In Conclusion

If you are seeking a solution for adding AliExpress products to your WooCommerce store, AliDropship WOO is one of the best options.

There are no monthly fees, it has a ton of features to make running a dropship store easy. Besides that, there is a ton of information available on the AliDropshp blog.

You can read several success stories and get actionable advice on how to promote your store and increase conversions.

I hope this has helped to clarify your options when it comes to selecting a WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin.

I wish you much success with your online business!

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